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Our Vision

Cross Country Camo is dedicated to promoting our faith in everything we do. We are aiming to become a well respected and recognized company in the industry. It all began when God gave the vision for the camo to our founder Jason Temple in the fall of 2011. Combining real life photography with 3D cross designs he was able to create patterns that not only work very well in a wide variety of environments, but also stir your soul to something higher! The lighter fractured backgrounds along with the horizontal and vertical components of the Cross do an amazing job of breaking up the human form. All of our gear is manufactured with the avid hunter in mind, as we are hunters ourselves! We will be expanding our apparrel line, our hydrographics, and industry partnerships as we grow, along with bringing our other patterns online. Cross Country Camo is a 100% family owned business based in North Texas, and we are looking forward to all the future holds. God Bless!!!

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