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Meet our Founder!


Jason Temple grew up in central Pennsylvania and started hunting and fishing as soon as he could follow his Father and Grandfather around the woods. He quickly soaked up any information he could find about the outdoors. As his skills improved it became evident that the popular camo patterns out there were not the best, so he turned to some lesser known designs at the time. After uprooting and moving to Texas with his lovely wife Jess, he continued to pursue hunting in the South. With a deep-rooted Christian faith, it was only a matter of time before his two passions collided, and he started working with a hunting ministry for boys. After hearing the call to move onto something new he resigned his ministry position, and within two months God revealed the vision for Cross Country Camo. Knowing that this was to be a statement of faith, he set out with a background in photography to create patterns that would accomplish this and yet be very effective at concealment. We pray that you will enjoy wild success while wearing the Cross!



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